Bill Ohm, New Hampshire State Representative
  Nashua Wards 5, 8 and 9

Bill opposes ridiculous $112 million power plant cooling tower 
Bill comments on Wall Street Journal re state politicians' pay

Bill writes editorial on creating a strong environment for job growth

Bill is rated "A+ by NH Families for Education

Bill is rated "A" for 2012 by Americans for Prosperity

Bill testifies before the EPA on the high cost to taxpayers of prohibiting warm, clean water in the Merrimack River. 

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Bill responds to Wall Street Journal article on state politicians' pay
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Creating a strong environment for job growth working

Bill Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge


Bill's blog:

How did Bill Vote on the Budget?
Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Red and Green is not Black and White

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Bill votes for tax credits for education scholarship
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